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TRANS.VER 68, 11.09. - 23/10/2008
Exhibition Opening 11.09.2008 6:30 pm
in the gallery of ver.di Bundesverwaltung
Paul Thiede-Ufer 10, 10179 Berlin
Curated by Julia von Hasselbach | Elvira Hufschmid | Dr. Margit Shield
Welcome by Verdi / Art.iS | Introduction by Prof. Wolfgang Hufschmidt and the curators of Transform '68

Artistic works from '68 pictures are the starting point almost 40 years later for a process of aesthetic transformation and interpretation of subsequent artists/generations. The interdisciplinary art project »trans.ver 68" includes any participant in his/ her inspiration from the work of predecessor. This creates a daisy chain in a series of transformed arts. The concept calls for politically and artistically complete freedom of working: From affirmation to aversion - all reactions are equally desirable. The authors enter into a collective creative process and reflect thereby the effectiveness of artistic works from '68.

'68 Output works:
VALIE EXPORT: Tap and Touch Cinema; Sarah Haffner: Portrait of a bookshelf the bourgeois left; Wolfgang Hufschmidt: Meissner Te Deum; Helke Sander: Break the power of manipulators; Staeck: The New PAL
Artist / inside the first episode generation: bankleer, Monika Lilleike, Helmut Oehring / Thorsten Otter Mountain, Katharina Karrenberg, Katharina Mouratidi
Artist / inside the second episode generation: Students and graduates from the University of Arts Berlin and the Art College Weissensee: Anja Bodanowitz, Alexander Choeb, Joana Coppi / Jenny Hauke, Gudrun Donath, Kerstin Honeit / Beate Rathke, Nina Peter / Julia Rosshart, Janna Rehbein
In cooperation with:
with the University of the Arts Berlin
and the Art Academy Berlin-Weissensee.

An exhibition of Art was from 12 September to 23 October 2008 at SpreePort.


Each design carries out the conditions under which it arises. What procedures characterize a creative process that seeks to integrate artistic and open scientific methodological approaches? Dagmar Jäger presents strategies, methods, tools for teaching of design.

Invitation for presentation of book & Vernissage on Friday, June 27th, 2008, 7 pm.
Ici et là • Volapük
Books, Art & French Specialties

Pattern strategy.
A dialogical design theory.
Reimer Verlag July 2008
Seven transformations. Photographic works.
A utopian project realization.

Dagmar Hunter | Patterns strategy. A dialogical design theory. | Appears in June Reimer Verlag | ISBN 978-3-496-01400-3

Architecture today: A German-French comparison, conversation with Dr. Dagmar Jäger in Institut français de Berlin, Thursday, April 17 at 19.30 clock