Karl Hofer Prize 2006 awarded

Winners of the UdK’s interdisciplinary art competition

A group of eleven women will be awarded the Karl Hofer Prize 2006. The prizewinners will receive a sum of 5000 Euros for their common project “Stille Post” (”Chinese Whispers”).
The participants, eleven artists and theoreticians, took up a traditional children’s game and engaged in a “game of dialogical reaction and clandestine communication” that lasted 22 weeks. The women, who cover the fields of
Architecture, Fine Art, Design, Film, Photography, Composition, Landscape Architecture, Media Art, Music Intermediation, and Philosophy, handed their works
on to one another after transmitting them into their own respective media. Thus, the works were transformed and commented on. A piece of music, for instance, is answered by a theoretical text, or a piece of writing is followed by photographs which again trigger an installation. 33 works altogether result from this process of transformation.
Participants were:
Sandra Becker 01, Media Artist, Berlin
Kathrin Busch, Philosopher, Hamburg
Vera Franke, Designer, Berlin
Julia von Hasselbach, Music Pedagogue, Berlin
Barbara Herbert, Visual Artist, Düsseldorf
Elvira Hufschmid, Visual Artist, Berlin
Dagmar Jäger, Architect, Berlin
Kirsten Reese, Composer/Sound Artist, Berlin
Jasmina Samssuli, Pianist, London
Margit Schild, Landscape Architect, Hannover
Katrin Thomas, Photographer, Paris


The eleven prize-winners were mentees in the UdK’s Mentoring Programme “Professional Aim: Professor at an Institute of Art” and in this context had developed the concept for this exhibition project which they realized independently. The
catalogue was edited by Dr. Sigrid Haase, the Director of the Mentoring Programme.
The project was co-financed by the Berlin Programme for Equal Opportunities in Research and Tuition and by the Mentoring Programme of the University of the Arts.
The Karl Hofer Prize was established by the UdK in memory of the painter who was its first director after the war. The motto of the 2006 competition was “Resonances of Searching”.