Chinese Whispers Group

gruppeChinese Whispers Group, Summer 2007, from left to right:
>> Barbara Herbert, Künstlerin, Düsseldorf
>> Margit Schild, Landschaftsarchitektin, Hannover
>> Elvira Hufschmid, Künstlerin, Berlin
Jasmina Samssuli, Pianistin, London
>> Vera Franke, Designerin, Berlin
Kathrin Busch, Philosophin, Hamburg
>> Dagmar Jäger, Architektin, Berlin
>> Sandra Becker 01, Medienkünstlerin, Berlin
not on the Foto:

>> Julia von Hasselbach, Musikpädagogin und Geigerin, Berlin
>> Kirsten Reese, Komponistin und Klangkünstlerin, Berlin
>> Katrin Thomas, Fotografin, Paris

Biographies of the artists and scientists

Sandra Becker 01 is a media artist and qualified designer. She studied at Central St Martins College in London (BA) and the University of Arts Berlin (Diploma Visual Communication, Master Student Experimental Film). After her studies she received a grant from the Berlin Senate for Science, Research and Culture. Other scholarships (DAAD, DFJW others) have lead her to France, Spain, St. Petersburg and New York. Her works have been shown in the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) London, SOHO20 Gallery New York, Nikolaj Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center and in the South London Gallery, among others. She has worked as an artistic associate at the Institute for time based media University of the Arts. She has also taught at the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, the Cultural Assaciao Toronja Sa Spain and at the Free Academy of Arts Berlin. She taught inter alia at the Vocational Technical School of Arts Berlin. In her work she explores modes of perception in urban and media contexts. Her works are represented in the international video collection of the Neuer Berliner Kunstverein and the Museum Centro Cultural Andratx. Weblink:

Kathrin Busch is a philosopher and currently serves as an Assistant Professor of Cultural Theory at the University of Lüneburg. She studied philosophy, art history and literature at the University of Hamburg. She then got the scholarship at the Graduate College of phenomenology and hermeneutics at the Ruhr-University Bochum and received her doctorate there with the work Geschicktes Geben: Aporias of the gift of Jacques Derrida (Munich: Fink, 2004). Her main research areas in addition to contemporary French philosophy are primarily philosophical aesthetics and theory of contemporary art. She is also involved in the projects in the art room at the University of Lüneburg and co-founder of VideoClub99 the Hamburger Kunsthalle.

Vera Franke is a qualified product designer of HdK Berlin. Towards the end of her study in 1997, she and her colleague, Frank Steinert, founded the design studio Franke | Steinert where she has since worked in the fields of exhibition design, interior design and graphic active. The studio's clients include cultural institutions such as The Jewish Museum, The Museum of Technology in Berlin, The Communication Museum and the Museum of Medical History. Her seating arrangement project, "Furniture Playstation", was shown in various galleries, including the Vitra Design Museum, and achieved international recognition. In addition to her own work, Vera Franke has taught at various universities: She is currently a lecturer in the Department of Cultural Analysis and also in the ZHdK Zurich; she had various teaching positions at the University of Arts Berlin from 1998-2007; from 2002-2005 she was contract professor of the Compartment of Interior and Exhibit Design at the Free University of Bolzano (Italy) and had been in 2006 a lecturer at the Berlin Weissensee KH. The subject with which Vera Franke was busy in her own work and teaching, is the interaction between people and things and the various ways they can be influenced by design. Weblink:

Julia von Hasselbach studied violin / orchestral music at the Folkwang Hochschule in Essen, graduating from musical education at the University of Arts Berlin, and Psychology at the Humboldt University Berlin. She is a doctoral student in music education at the University of Arts Berlin, where from 2003 she until 2006 she worked as a lecturer. In her dissertation, she examines ways of using experimental research on the violin in mediating specific artistic skills.

Barbara Herbert is a visual artist. She graduated with a BA in painting with Prof. Michael Buthe, as well as an MA in Video / Photography under Prof. Nan Hoover at the Kunstakademie Dusseldorf, before working for two years as a lecturer at the Dusseldorf Art Academy. Currently she lectures at the University of Applied Sciences Dusseldorf. She received the DAAD scholarship Malta and the travel grant from the city Dusseldorf to Israel and has participated in numerous exhibitions at home and abroad. Barbara Herbert is the co-founder of the interest group "Women in the fine arts", co-organizer of the exhibition space X as well as co-initiator of the exhibition project "feminine photography staging" in Dusseldorf. Barbara Herbert's art work includes painting, installation and photography, which fuse together. The collage and decollage are essential tools and substantive principles within her artistic creativity. Mechanisms between one's role as individual, woman and artist have been heavily scrutinized or with irony. Weblink:

Biographies of the artists and scientists
Elvira Hufschmid
is a qualified sculptor and media artist. She received a Master of Fine Arts New Genres at the San Francisco Art Institute / USA in 2002, then did two years teaching at the Academy of Fine Arts Saar and now lectures in the Department of Sculpture / Chair Inge Mahn at the School of Art Berlin-Weissensee. For her media art project Orte der Passage she received a doctoral fellowship from the Hans-Boeckler Foundation Dusseldorf from 2002 to 2005. She has participated in numerous exhibitions in Germany and abroad and has received various grants and awards, including the Prize of the City of Saarbrücken in 2004 and the Jack & Gertrude Murphy Award from the San Francisco Foundation / USA 2001. As a sculptor, she works with moving image in spatial contexts and (re) staged events space, in which the collision of the body's own time with the time of machines is a central issue. Weblink:

Dagmar Jaeger is a freelance designer with a focus on experimental design and housing research. Places of Education: College of Arts Berlin, Bauschule Wood Minden and Art School Berlin Weissensee. She established office jp3 together with Christian Pieper in 1993 in an apartment building in Hameln. As a fellow of the Land Schleswig-Holstein she started teaching art and design in 1998 at the FH Hildesheim / Wood Minden, the Muthesius Academy / Kiel, FH Eckernfoerde and the Art School Berlin Weissensee. As a research assistant, she has researched and taught Dagmar Jäger at the chair of Prof. Inken Baller at the BTU Cottbus since 2000. Current Projects: The theoretical work "pattern-strategy - a dialogical design theory as part of architectural education" (her dissertation); the research project 'House biographies - between regionalism and modernity " with Inken Ballerand Ulrike Wulf-Rheidt, wherein modern houses on Hiddensee island are examined; the experimental housing project Stapelvilla® she worked on with Christian Pieper focuses on an innovative city typology. Weblink:

Kirsten Reese is a composer and sound artist. She studied flute and electronic music in Berlin (University of Arts, Technical University) and New York (1992-93). Since 1994, she has been composing electro-acoustic works and sound installations, including `The resounding sea` (2000) for floating sound bowls; 'Inyib' (2002) for nine instruments, live electronics and 15 speakers; 'Quiver' (2004) for six performers and electronic music. She has received numerous grants, residencies and -aufträge (last Cité des Arts, Paris 2005/2006). Kirsten Reese is co-curator of the festival sound workshop in Berlin. Since 2002, she has researched and taught at the University of Music and Theatre in Hamburg on the subjects of music, gender, and Internet / New Media. Since 2005 she has taught as a lecturer at the Berlin University of Arts in the field of intermedia composition. Kirsten Reese often works with shifts between output sound material (for example, "field recordings" and instrumental sounds) and its electronic alienation. Her work relates spatial and perceptual as well as a performative aspects. Weblink:

Jasmina Samssuli is a pianist and currently lives in London. She performs at international festivals (including Schwetzingen Music Festival, IMS Prussia Cove and Macau Music Festival), she has passed through the concert halls of many countries in Europe, Africa and Asia. As a soloist and chamber musician, she has made ??numerous recordings by the SFB, NDR, SWR, Radio France, ARTE, inter alia, known. She has been a fellow of the DAAD and the Mozart
Academy (Prague). Most recently, she was awarded the Mortimer Award in London at the Royal Academy of Music. Currently she works as artistic research associate in the Research Department of the Royal Academy of Music.

Margit Schild is a freelance landscape and open space planner. After a residency and PhD, she currently lectures at the Faculty of Architecture and Landscape at the University of Hannover. Her research interests are intentionally limited projects concerning temporary and interim uses in the context of spatial planning. The design, coordination and execution of temporary installations and interventions in different contexts are her main area of ??work. This she developed as a design theory based on methods of group work. Weblink:

Katrin Thomas works internationally as a photographer. After 13 years in the United States (Los Angeles 2 years, New York 11 years) she is now living mainly between Berlin, London and Paris. She received her Diploma in Visual Communication (Graphic Design emphasis) at the FH Darmstadt. A Fulbright scholarship enabled her to study artistic photography and film at the Art Center College of Design, Pasadena; it was followed by another grant from the Cultural Senate of Berlin. In New York, she began working as a freelance photographer: her work ranges from advertising campaigns, CD Covers, art projects, portrait and fashion shoots in international Magazines (eg Vogue, New York Times Magazine, Interview, Rolling Stone, Time), to film and video. In 1998, she received the Otto Steinert Prize for Photography, a year later, her first monograph: Katrin Thomas - Living Fashion (Edition Stemmle) was published. In her artistic work she is interested in the critical analysis of manipulation mechanisms. Another book, 'Noview', was published in 2002 (Phipps Edition): a project in which models are hypnotised into a different emotional state depending on the theme and are confronted with suggestive props from the world of pop and fashion, and then photographed. She was among other things a guest lecturer at the International Center of Photography / New York, the School of Visual Arts / New York, the University of Art and Design Zurich and the Art Academy Berlin-Weissensee. Weblink: